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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2013
Yikes. This place was really bad. I lived there in grad school (2010), when I had zero money and was only here because of super cheep rent. So in retrospect being that I was broke I didn't have a lot of options not sure what to have done, but it was worth exploring other options like roommates, renting a room in a house etc. So here goes, this place had no redeeming quality about it, -Paper thin walls, could hear the neighbors on either side of me like they were in my apartment. They also threw parties all night. I was highly stressed in grad school so this was just intolerable. I went over about four times a week to ask them to be quite. The complex never enforced anything even though I complained all the time. Homeless people will get into the laundry room somehow and hang out. So if your a single female that is scarey. The tipping point for me was that the building caught on fire because a person with alcoholism lit himself on fire while smoking. And the detectors did NOT go off. I was on the 5th floor (fire happened on the 2nd) and I woke up for class as normal really early and smelt smoke, when I opened my door the entire hall was filled and I couldn't see my hand in front of me. When I had fled the building it was surrounded by fire fighters/trucks who had put out the fire, and no one else left the building. This is a 6 story building with a lot of people in it, now some people are at work and school at 7AM, but there had to have been others, and not a soul vacated the building. After the fire I had 2 more months on my lease and Just left. I paid the remainder and didn't fight them but gave them my keys about 5 weeks before the actual lease was up, and I didn't get any deposit back (which was not much but still). Overall this place is dangerous and really only a good fit if you are a college student who drinks a lot and is in a place in your life where this stuff doesn't bother you. But for me it was so painful.
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