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4649 Strawbridge Street, Indianapolis, IN 46237
4649 Strawbridge Street, Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Strawbridge Green Apartments



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Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/05/2013
I have lived in this aparmtent community for almost a year. I've always paid my rent early, almost a month early to be exact. I've never had any issues with anyone around me and have never had any complaints about our apartment or my children. My neighbors keep to themselves and we do the same. I've never had to call maintenance and they took care of the issues I reported upon move-in. My issues with Strawbridge Green recently started. Now that it's getting warmer outside and kids are out of school, they're out later in the night being loud. At 10:30 last night, kids were running up and down the stairs by my door being very loud. These kids don't even live in the apartments that those stairs lead to. They may not have school, but adults still have to get up early for work. I also saw a couple kids standing on top of a car about a week ago. People let their kids run wild out here at whatever hour of the day and that's not ok by my standards. My kids aren't even allowed to play outside because I don't want them mixed in with that type of behavior. Another issue I have is the rent amount. When I initially moved in, we got a great deal for a 3 bedroom apartment. The deal we got was initially for a different 3 bedroom floorplan that was promised by a certain date, which was then changed twice and we would have been homeless for about a week. They gave us an upgraded 3 bedroom because they kept changing our move-in date. We always pay almost a month early and haven't had any issues with anything, yet they want to raise our monthly rent $130. Our current rate includes water, trash, sewer, pet fee and gas. The new rate they quoted us didn't include the gas, which is $40.00 a month because we have a 3 bedroom. The $130 increase stated above includes the cost of gas. I used to lease apartments and if we had tenants that paid their rent on time every month and never had any complaints, we'd do whatever we could to give them the minimum increase and keep them there because it's cheaper than completely fixing the apartment and waiting for someone else to eventually move in when it's on a crazy special because nobody wants to pay the higher price for what they're getting. So, basically, you can be a great tenant and still be expected to pay $130 more monthly at the end of your initial lease. Hopefully they will negotiate that price, but I highly doubt it will happen.
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Strawbridge Green Apartments

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