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Sundance at the Crossings

7213 Sundance Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46237



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jkn4 • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/12/2015
Quick Overview: Terrible staff, appliances that hardly work, policies set up to screw you over, bad communication with office, horrible internet connection, goose poop everywhere, over-priced, unexplained charges on bill, don't plan on getting your deposit back. Had 4 different property managers in one year. Detailed Account: It started when I was going through the application process - I received no calls. Literally every call was made by me, even after they told me they'd call. After I was informed I was approved, I figured further instructions would follow. After a week, I called to ask what I needed to do next. They told me I needed to bring them check stubs, and I brought them the same day. A week later, I called and found out that he had not received my check stubs and that I would have to come in again. They told me the price was 759/mo, but by the end of my lease I could count on spending a least 1000 every month. We trusted Sundance, so we told them any old apartment would be fine. I didn't expect that they'd give us an apartment where literally every appliance is messed up in one way or another. The oven doesn't work on one side, the dishwasher requires 3 washes per load, the first water heater kept the water hot for 5 minutes at a time and the sink has obvious water damage that was covered up with paint. Then my modem wasn't delivered. I ended up spending $150 on a new modem and router so that I could work. The guy that showed up with the extremely old modem the next Monday didn't seem to concerned to find out I had already installed my own. Then the washer and dryer - I put a work order in on the first week of March, and they didn't get around to it until mid April. Then they towed my car - My car had a tire that loses air, especially in the cold weather. I noticed it after they put the big annoying "warning" sticker (that doesn't come off) on my window. So I aired up the tire and moved it to a different spot out of the way so they'd think "oh, someone owns this and the tire still holds air, maybe it would be rational to just leave them alone, since they're out of the way and they paid to park here!" I underestimated their ineptitude again. A second "warning" sticker.. (they made sure to put this one in a different spot so that he would have 2 obnoxious sticker marks) So I moved it again, to a spot even further away from anyone. Next to a boat, as a matter of fact. I thought that if a boat could be left here, a paying tenant's car surely can too! Nope. Towed. The next day. $350 later, the car was stored in my parents garage because now it's not allowed on the property. But I'm sure the $700 parking fee is LONG gone. I went to get the information about it from the manager on the Friday it was towed, but the office was closed. At 5pm. No notification about closing early. This part isn't really all that official, just the arrogance and rudeness of the whole staff. They're just inconsiderate. And unapologetic about how arrogant they are. One day when my girlfriend was in the shower, a maintenance man just made his way in. Luckily the chain-lock was attached. After we moved out, and paid a carpet cleaner, vigorously painted, and tried to have a walk-through, they sent me a letter (which I was expecting to come along with a check refunding my deposit) with a BILL for 120 dollars. A bill. On the bill - they charged me for having to re-paint, for my carpet, over a hundred dollars for blinds, and then 75 dollars for a missing MODEM. Which, if you remember, I never even received from them. I also found out I had been charged every month for said modem. They found any little thing that they thought they could charge me for and tried. After a ton of hassling, I finally got to a 0 balance - which I shouldn't be happy with, at all, but I'd rather eat a bowl of broken glass than trudge through another conversation with one of those inept children. So, overall I'd say that I wouldn't move in there again.
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Sundance at the Crossings

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