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Sundance at the Crossings

7213 Sundance Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46237



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/14/2017
I do NOT recommend this company at all. Rude staff. Never return phone calls. Lived there for 3 years (stupid, I know.) I didn't want to go through the hassle of moving. I fell on a patch of ice last year that the maintenance man didn't salt and I have had foot problems all year due to the accident. I immediately reported it to the office staff and not one person ever called to ask about my foot. Several thousand doctors bills later I am in the process of retaining a lawyer. I lived at Sundance at the Crossing in the Southport area behind Mucky Duck and Texas Roadhouse. Dog poop EVERYWHERE. Duck & goose poop WERE EVEN WORSE. Windows that are terrible. I couldn't open most of them. The draftiness through my windows and doors was awful. Monthly electric bill was over $150 because the apartments are not efficient. I moved there because they supposedly had a hot tub. It has been "under repair" for over 3 years. What a joke.. The walkway to my door was never painted and looked like I was living in the ------. Dumpsters were always over-flowing with trash. The landscaping was terrible. (They usually cut weeds one time a year in the spring.) Appliances that appeared to be from the 1980 era. Countertops that were stained and light pink. Cabinets were falling off the wall and 100% old and outdated. God forbid they put in new cabinets. Instead their maintenance men (which were a complete joke) nailed them back to the walk. Every summer I was without air conditioning for several days. I had an ongoing problem with my central air unit freezing up and not working. The maintenance man's solution was to not set my air any lower than 71 degrees. I had to stay at my boyfriends house several times each summer because my air wasn't working and my apartment was over 80 degrees and the maintenance men would get to me "when they could." My unit regularly froze up about 2 times a month. My car was broken into, window busted out and laptop stolen. Their response "we don't have security." I can NOT tell you how much you should NOT consider leasing from this company. My experience was terrible and a total nightmare. There is more to tell but I'm in the process of retaining a lawyer so I will refrain.
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Sundance at the Crossings

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