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Sundance at the Crossings

7213 Sundance Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46237



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2018
I'd give zero stars if was an option. Honestly 90% of the reason for me posting this is the office staff, assistant property manager in particular. They are greedy and deceiving. Don't get my wrong, the quality of the apartment was not great, considering appliances were old-oven had to be replaced due to lights going off when we would use it. Carpet was gross and cheap. Blind slats for our patio door were old and constantly falling off- put in a request to have them replaced and they just replaced the few that had fallen with other OLD ones that were a different color. HUGE spiders everywhere, constantly in my sink, tub, crawling under the woodwork, other bugs as well- tons of beetles, crickets, etc. a SNAKE got into my apartment one night and the office told me they would have someone out to check and seal the front door where it came in (never happened). I had to buy my own pesticide cause the supposed pest control they have that comes out "every thursday" wasn't doing the job. Storm window was missing when I moved in and someone measured it THREE times and said it was being ordered, never got it. Dishwasher would build up with water and maintenance had to come out twice cause the first time he didn't fix it-he literally left a note saying it was his fault for not doing it right the first time. Anyway, all these annoyances that my roommate and I shouldn't have had to deal with, (honestly should have been refunded some of our rent in my opinion) yet we never complained to the office, only put in work orders for things to be fixed. Anyway, these annoyances wouldn't even cause me to write a review. But how the office staff treated us right before/after we moved - Melissa (bookkeeper) and assistant property manager are AWFUL. I wish I could give all the details but I know it would cut me off. Long story short- My roommate and I were not aware we had to give 60 day notice, we thought it was 30 because we had never rented with an apartment complex. In May sundance sent a misleading email saying we had to notify them by June 20th if we weren't staying, so we thought we had until then. Early June my rommie called asking about move out process and then was notified of 60 day notice requirement. She already had another place to move to in July when lease was up, and I had applied for Latitudes (sister property to sundance). We went and met with (assistant?) property manager on June 14th to see if she would honor 30 day notice. We admitted it said 60 days in our lease but we werent aware of it and begged her to work with us. The lease wouldnt even pull up online for me or my roommate to read. I told her I would stay an extra month if I had to pay for august, I wouldnt even move in july. At first she wouldnt budge, but after talking for 45 mins or so, she then came back with a paper for us to sign and said she would honor the 30 day if we had an inspection within a week. My roommate verified this meant we would not owe for Aug, and she agreed. We thought all was well, then got a bill in September for $700 for August rent and not giving proper notice. WHAT?! Unfortunately the paper she had us sign, said our lease term ended 07/21 but didn't specify she was honoring 30 day notice. Lesson learned to always triple check every detail of what you sign, we were just appreciative and believed her when she said she would honor 30 day. So deceitful. When we called to ask about bill they were rude robots. Tried to call corporate twice and could never get anyone even after leaving VM. Would have rather her not budge during our talk and act like she'd work with us than go back on her word and we unexpectedly have to pay a big fee 3 months after moving. Needless to say, unfortunately my sister and I didnt end up going to Latitudes cause I refuse to give another dime to a company that has such deceitful, lying, rude employees. It's a shame cause we loved the Longitude layout at Latitudes and Kelsay was kind in helping us but I refuse to give another penny of my money to a place that won't respect their good residents.
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Sundance at the Crossings

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