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Sundance at the Crossings



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
My husband and I rented here for 10 months. If you do choose to rent here, please be certain to schedule a walk through appointment upon moving out. Here is our opinion after renting here.<br><br>My experience with the office staff was different every time since the turnover rate appears to be very high. <br><br>We were on a tight schedule to move to a new city, and the location was convenient, so we chose Sundance. We faxed our application information 3 times because the office staff lost it. When we arrived to move in we waited for keys because they didn't have anyone available to go over our lease (even though we had an appointment.) The lease was incomplete and they had to give us other sections after the fact. <br><br>After moving in we called multiple times because our dishwasher soap door wouldn't latch and they came a few times to fix it but it was never fixed. We had leaks under our sink in one bathroom and around the toilet in the other which did not get fixed for 2 weeks. We didn't have blinds in our bathroom or the tall window looking into our living room for at least 2 weeks after moving in. The street light outside our apartment was out the entire time we lived there. Snow removal was a joke, we had to shovel ourselves out of our parking spots on more than one occasion. <br><br>Upon moving out we did not schedule a move out appointment since we had only lived there 10 months (we were new to the city and looking for a house) and we did not foresee any problem. Plus, we both work during business hours and were busy with moving - so they said it wasn't necessary. Upon moving out we were charged a large sum of money for damages they claimed were done. We have tried to resolve the issue, and have received different bills with different amounts. They took 2 months to let us look at the 2 polaroid photos they took of "the damage" and have sent us to collection. We have a perfect credit rating, so it's not a big deal, but we should have been contacted before they replaced a whole apartment full of carpet based on two polaroid photographs that could have come from any apartment and then charged us for it. <br><br>When we disputed the charges and wrote to the BBB, we received a letter that the manager at Sundance wrote including NEW damages that we were never informed of. The "bill" that the collection agency sent us doesn't have a total on it, and those NEW charges are not included.<br><br>Our thought is that if you don't schedule a walk through before moving out, they will try to get as much money out of you as they can. The sad thing is that some people probably pay it just to end the hassle. We, however, will not. They can take us to court if necessary! One plus is that I'm learning what you need to do if you get sent to collection. We were so embarrassed at first because we've never not paid a bill.<br><br>I had been renting for 10 years before that and never had a problem, and my husband for much longer. We both had a perfect rental history up until then. They left a very bad taste in our mouths and we would never consider renting from any property they own in the future. We will steer anyone we can away from this company as well.<br><br>The location is convenient, but that's about it.
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Sundance at the Crossings

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