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6000 West Lake Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46224
6000 West Lake Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46224

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The Boardwalk at Westlake



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Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/25/2019
Posted a notice and sent an email at 7 in the evening that the parking lot would have to be cleared by 7:30 in the morning. The picture showing the affected parking lots did not match the notice they put on the front door to the apartments. So even if it had been sent in a timely fashion it contained erroneous information.My mother got absolutely no notice as she didn't go outside at night since it's a bad neighborhood. Her car and mine have been broken into. Mine was only parked there about 30 minutes. She had a doctor's appointment the following morning that was scheduled weeks in advance and I was there to pick her up. I explained to the tow truck drivers that she's 80 years old and has sciatica and would need to be picked up at the door. The tow truck driver said "Fine park it there and yours will be the next one I hook up once I drop this one off." When I moved my vehicle and parked it in another lot that evening so that I could stay with my mother and care for her, they hadn't towed it when I went out to get in it at noon but they had smeared it in mud and left their handprints all over it. No professionalism, no respect for tenants, no required legal notices for entry or lack of access. She's had roaches for months but they have not dealt with them. Before they rented the place to her they used a plane latex wall paint to paint over the faux wood counters. They didn't seal them in anyway so the paint is peeling off and my mothers counters look disgusting. They had to be called many many times and attempted repair three times because the apartment above hers was leaking into her apartment. It took over six months to get the problem fixed.
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The Boardwalk at Westlake

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 07/25/2019) Image of The Boardwalk at Westlake in Indianapolis, IN
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