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The Grande Reserve at Geist



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
Moved here in late summer 2004 with the intention of buying a house soon. Was such a great place to live, that we stayed. <br>UNTIL the new management took over in August 2006.... Now we can't wait to find a house to buy so we can move out of here!!!<br><br>Groundskeeping became almost non-existent.<br>Lawn was only mowed when it was VERY tall. <br>Vines and ivy were not trimmed back, so we had to cut it back ourselves.<br>No mulch was reaplaced all summer, so there are now large dirt patches, no flowers were planted either as in years past leaving large bare spots. <br>Trash is not changed regularly so it overflows with dog waste. Pet clean up policies are not enforced so dog waste accumulates in public areas. <br><br>Billing for rent is sporadic and inaccurate (tennentes being double billed, inaccurately billed, etc...)<br><br>The pool is not at all kept up. The waterfall did not work since ownership change, the cover is currently held on with bungee cords to the fence (despite being a custom made cover) the heater was NEVER turned on in the fall (despite advertising a heated pool).<br><br>Snow is not plowed or salted in a timely manner, makes it difficult on those wintery days.<br><br>Washing machines and dryers were replaced with CHEAP models after the ownership change (new dryer takes 3-4 cycles to dry clothes).<br><br>Parking areas are not enforced, people park in the street and make it difficult get through and park in marked spots.<br><br>In the 'early days' we never heard the neighbors in the building, now stomping footsteps and slamming doors are common place.<br><br>The exercise room has not had the water cooler refilled in weeks, the remote for the TV had dead batteries several months ago and then disappered and has not been replaced.<br><br>Complaints to property staff get answered with "Everyone else says the same thing, the owners/management don't care and neither do I because I am looking for another job, because I don't like working for them."<br><br>AND in spite of all of this the Rent has been raised (they do offer a $200 bounty if you sucker one of your friends in to signing a lease though)..
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The Grande Reserve at Geist

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