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The Residence at White River Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
I have been here for one year and have enjoyed it. I will probably remain here until I purchase a home or need to relocate. I highly recommend this neighborhood to anyone looking for an apartment in central Indianapolis. Pros: -The neighborhood is very safe and I have never had a safety related concern. -Maintenance responds quickly. -GREAT office staff -Parking areas/buildings are well kept and clean. -Never had a parking issue, but I pay for a covered spot. -Decent Pool/Workout/Hangout room. -Pet friendly. -Washer/Dryer in apartments. -Great location, you can get to downtown, broad-ripple or the north-side quickly. -Very few children. -They just painted, the buildings look much nicer. -Storage unit on balconies. Cons: -Rent is a little higher than other places, but the neighborhood is much safer than the surrounding area. -During the winter, there is a slight mold issue on the north-side apartments due to dew on the windows. I always just cleaned mine with vinegar. -The appliances are a dated, but functional. -The cabinets and fixtures are pretty bland/ugly. -The security "gate" is laughable. I've seen people just take it off, run into it, drive around etc. It always seems to be left in the "up" position for the north section. It would be nice if there was a metal gate like The Knoll has across the street. Other: -Neighbors are hit or miss. I had two young ladies across the hall that would stomp up and down the stairs and throw parties all the time, leaving cigarette buds and beer cans everywhere. Thankfully, she moved out. Everyone else I've met has been pleasant.
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The Residence at White River Apartments

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