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The Residence at White River Apartments



Apartment living935
Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
Towing is a huge issue here. Back in the summer they towed my friends car who came over for a few hour to go to the pool. The two visitor parking spots were taken, so she had to park in the "potential renters" spot in front of the office. The office was already closed (so we could not get a guest parking pass) and we knew she would be out of that spot in a few hours. The tow truck driver came, loaded her car and we even caught him while he was loading it and explained the situation but he did not care. We had to pay the full 275 to get the car back from the towing yard. Additionally, the tow company checks your registration even if you are a resident! Since I am an out of state resident, my car registration took longer to arrive to Indiana and had some trouble registering. I called the towing company (who left a sticker saying my car would be towed) who told me I had 72 hours to get proper registration stickers on my car or else it would be towed. I tried to explain that I was waiting for my state to mail me my new stickers but they said they did not care. It's extremely frustrating when a paying resident who is parked legally, can have their car towed because your state's DMV is taking a long time to mail the registration stickers. Parking has been a problem at this apartment but now on top of parking issues you must deal with a money hungry towing company who come by daily not to make the parking situation better but to find any reason to impound a car, resident or guest. The apartment company should only allow the towing company to come in and remove a car when residents call them about an illegally parked car.
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The Residence at White River Apartments Manager


I am sorry you feel this way! Towing is done with the intention of keeping the lot open for current resident's parking needs. If you need a visitor parking tag--reach out to us! We can make sure you have one when you get home. We do require all vehicles to have current tags per the lease. It's also a Indiana Law that all vehicles have current plates. If there is a delay in the process please reach out to the office. We can update the towing company so they don't tag your car. We just need to know. I understand your frustrations with the towing and please know it's NEVER our intention to have resident's cars or guest's cars towed. I hope by reaching out to me directly I can solve some of the problems you are having. Kind Regards, Kelsi Garrison Property Manager The Residence at White River [email protected]

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The Residence at White River Apartments

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