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The Residence at White River Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
Overall, this is a nice place to live. It checks all the boxes on amenities, and the staff are always courteous and helpful. However, it is clear that whoever built the apartments was very cheap. There is a dishwasher, but it only works if you've already rinsed the dishes perfectly clean. There is a sink disposal, but it shakes the entire kitchen and roars when you use it. There are big windows, but they are very thin and not sealed well. Heating bills are $100 . There is a pool, but it's not heated and always freezing. There is a gym, but it's not heated. So, overall, it's a nice location and comfortable, but I would have rather gone someplace cheaper without the amenities that barely work anyway. Also, the towing has to stop. Nobody can drive into the parking lot without a resident letting them in, so it's silly to tow, especially when the parking lot isn't full. Also the roads are rarely cleared of snow and ice.
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The Residence at White River Apartments Manager


Thank you for the feedback Jennie29374930. I'm sorry that you did not enjoy the time you spent at White River. We have new appliances going in all apartments in 2018--so that is a huge plus for the property. This should eliminate some of the problems residents have with older appliances. We understand your frustrations. The property itself is private property. You must have a parking sticker to park here. We monitor our lots so residents have spots. If we did not tow..Resident's would have far fewer spots to park due to the volume of visitors we have here with Butler and Marian Universes being so close. I would love to personally speak to you and discuss the issues experienced during your stay here. Please reach out to me directly at [email protected] or call me during normal business hours 317 328 8800. Have a happy New Year! Kind Regards, Kelsi Garrison Property Manager The Residence at White River

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The Residence at White River Apartments

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