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The Residence at White River Apartments



Former Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
I was pregnant when we moved in so we signed a 5 month lease with the option of going month to month after that was over because we only needed to live there temporarily. When the five months were up and we were ready to move out, well guess what? Management "LOST" OUR LEASE and THREATENED to get us for "trespassing" because there was "no lease". She also said she would keep all of our belongings because we were trespassing, unless we signed another lease. They made us pay the fine to break the lease otherwise they were going to take us to court. We needed to move out because the baby was about to be here. This was the most mismanaged situation that I have ever heard of. Management was rude, threatening, and absolutely disrespectful to an 8 month pregnant family because they would not own up to THEIR mistake. Who loses a lease? How? And who BLAMES the tenant because of that? Do not move here unless you want a similar instance to happen. Their mistake cost us $1500. We had to pay it because we didn't want to go to court with a newborn in our arms, and they used that to their advantage.
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The Residence at White River Apartments Manager


Hi Reva, Thank you for the feedback. We strive to give great customer service and an enjoyable living experience here at Residence at White River. Please reach out to me if you would like to discuss your experience and this review further. Katie Leppert Property Manager

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The Residence at White River Apartments

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