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Utomin Flats Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/01/2016
Would not recommend this place. The first year was not so bad, but the longer you live here the more issues you see. I tried to move out and the end of my second year but could not find another place I could afford. Now, I will be leaving and willing to pay more just to get out of here. Due to negligence from leasing staff, my car was broken into in the lot. The security gate was broken and they did not fix it. Then, the property manager tried to say that the gate being broken was not the reason for the break-in. Really?? And do not even get me started on the packages. USPS is partly to blame because I asked them explicitly not to leave my packages, and they still did. But Van Rooy refuses to do anything about stolen packages. On 3 separate occasions, my packages were opened and items removed. The property manager was extremely insensitive about the issue, belittling the fact that my personal belongings were violated on their property. My bike was also stolen from inside the building. I can only assume that they have lowered their standards for residents and they just do not care. The location is decent, but there are not other real benefits to living here. Only half of my windows are upgraded. The others look to be from the 1950s. Also, I was lied to. They told me the laundry room was in my building, but this was completely false. I have to go outside to the building next door to do my laundry. Not a huge deal, but it is simply wrong to blatantly lie to prospective residents. All in all, do not waste your time by even looking at this place or renting from these people.
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Utomin Flats Apartments

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