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1108 College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202
1108 College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Utomin Flats Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/15/2007
Overall, this place is decent for the price. I like the close proximity to Mass Ave and the price. Apartments vary. Mine isn't very nice at all, but others have ceiling fans and hardwood floors, so I guess it depends on your timing. 2nd bedroom is really small, but good for an office or den area...can't imagine a bed in there! Major complaints are the other tenants...I think Van Rooy allows a few Section 8 people here. Some tenants have multiple people staying with them year round (like 5 people to the teeny tiny apts!). Recent problems have included shady characters hanging around the courtyard, leaving their gin bottles and beer cans in the yard. A few days ago a few grocery carts from the 16th street Kroger were in the courtyard...making the place look espescially classy. Parking would be nice if Van Rooy enforced their rules. Not enough spaces! There are like 5 cars that don't run anymore just sitting in the lot (one has the windows broken open one with 4 flat tires!)...I got excited when they had stickers on them saying they would be towed...but that was 8 months ago...must have been an empty threat. With the "dead cars" and the multitude of "Van Rooy" vehicles parked in there...it gets really cramped. A few tenants cannot find spots and park on the street instead. Safety is a concern. Mail areas are not well lit. Doors to outside rarely close all the way, so pretty much anyone can walk off the street into building. Doors to apts need to be stronger. I would be willing to pay 700 monthly if doors/safety/parking/upgrades were done...but for now, this is a decent place if you wanting to live downtown and save money.
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Utomin Flats Apartments

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