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Utomin Flats Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2008
And not sign the lease. Lets just say you get what you pay for. I agree with the statements about the tenants. Most are okay, but definitely a few bad apples! One apartment has like 6 people living in it...which for 650 sq feet is a few people to many! The "bad apples" are quite loud. And you can hear their arguments with their multiple tenants, but for the most part, it stays quiet. There are some shady people that hang around, leaving and coming at all hours of the night, they don't live here...they just hang around...its very creepy. I don't leave my apartment after 9 pm unless I am with someone! SINGLE WOMEN...STAY AWAY! Laundry is kind of a pain too...there are only 4 washers and dryers for the two buildings. And if you live in the other building you have to go outside, get the door open to the other building all while trying to balance laundry baskets/soap/keys/money...it can be a pain...definitely annoying in the wintertime! Plus, when you get down there, some are usually broken or someone has left their laundry just sit there. I'd sit down there while you do your laundry too...a neighbor of mine had some clothes stolen! If I were did a "do over" I'd go down the street to Van Rooy's Garden Arch apartments. They look nicer, the people seem like they have gainful employment and its well lit. If you have a little money to upgrade...definitely do!
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Utomin Flats Apartments

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