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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/22/2005
I lived in a 1br 1ba w/ den on the Woods side of Bent Tree from August of 2003 to August of 2004. First of all, they moved me into an apartment directly across from a person, who they knew had mental issues and had actually committed arson at his last place of residence. More on that later...<br>In the time I lived there I dealt with having no heat for 3 days in the winter, roaches, dishwasher flooding, toilet flooding and paper thin walls that I could literally hear people reviewing their messages on their answering machines. My upstairs neighbors would turn their stereo on and blast it from friday night until they left for work monday morning. The first time it happened I thought someone had left town because it was just constant throughout the entire weekend. About the time they were soliciting me to renew my lease, my crazy neighbor attempted to kick my door in at 2am one sunday morning. I can count at least 3 times that the police had to come and talk to him or break up some fight he had been in. There were all sorts of people 'hanging' around at night, which I made me feel unsafe since I most often work at night in addition to my day job and lived by myself. I on one occasion had to call the police regarding someone tampering with various cars in the parking lot. The apartments themselves are just old. Not rundown but just old. The supporting staff in the office are nice but the manager, if she is still there, was very very rude. Don't call and ask what specials they have on apartments because she'll bite your head off. Funny, I thought their job was to lease apartments. She must have not gotten the memo. Oh, and did I mention roaches. Yeah its worth mentioning twice. I have never in the past lived with roaches and I hope to never live through that again.
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