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Waterford Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 08/08/2013
I've lived here with my girlfriend for 3 years. It's a great place for a young couple looking for their first home together. We've really enjoyed it. Apartments are never perfect, and this one does have a few problems. The sound in the outside hallway can occasionally be a nuisance. The closet doors that I have are the cheapest kind I've ever seen and always seem to come off their sliding tracks. The size of the apartment eventually will falter too and you'll start to feel a little cramped, but that's probably the case with any apartment. The rent also always goes up, with every lease we've signed here we have to pay a little more, but again, that's probably the case with a lot of other places as well. However, the staff here is really pretty good. The ladies in the office always are professional, and the mechanic is a really nice guy who seems to know what he's doing and talking about. I've noticed that after tenants move out, they seem to always lay new carpet and update older fixtures (I've seen other rooms getting new dishwashers and hanging lights after the tenants left) and also here lately they've been renovating other things like the cabinetry and balconies for those tenants who have those. They've contracted an outside landscaping company to do the yardwork and they're okay. The grass is always mowed but they chopped some branches over by my apartment and they've just been laying in a pile over there for a year now and no one ever seems like they're going to pick them up. I've lived in a one bedroom, but I know they offer two bedrooms as well.
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Waterford Place Apartments

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