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1009 Lismore Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46227
1009 Lismore Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Waterford Place Apartments



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haphaphappy2 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2013
My husband and I moved into our apartment the first of Oct. 2013. It was supposed to be a lake side apartment and we are being charged for a lake side apartment, but when we look outside our patio door we see a brick building. My husband spoke to the girl in the leasing office about our being charged for a lake side apartment, but not seeing a lake out our patio and she said for us to step out onto our patio and look to the right and we can see the lake then. Really!!!!!! Lake side mean you are supposed to be able to see the lake when you are sitting in your living room. Oh then there is the issue of the battery being stolen out of my car in front of our building. There are no cameras for security here and when we complained to the leasing office about the theft, we were told there is a security office that goes around the property periodically. I know a lady that has lived here for 4 years and she said she's NEVER seen a security office drive around the complex, EVER. Oh and by the way, she is moving the end of this month, because she is fed up with things not getting done around here. A few months back someone broke the window out on her vehicle and nothing was done about it. She's had her tires flattened here and again the leasing office has done nothing. Now, back to the recent theft issue that was done here that my vehicle was one of 10 that were broke into. You read it correctly, we found out there were 10 vehicles that we know of that were broken into this time. Another issue we've already had is we called the leasing office twice to complain about the tenant upstairs, their children running across their floor and causing a lot of noise, only to be told and I quote, "that is the price you pay for living downstairs". I should let you know that we've only lived in this apartment for about 3 weeks and had all these problems, already. Needless to say, we are very disappointed with the girls in the leasing office and the lack of anything being done to protect the tenants and their vehicles from theft and break-ins in the parking area in front of our buildings. Here's a side note for the girls in the leasing office or the management company should they read this review, GET CAMERA'S INSTALLED AROUND THE PROPERTY to protect those that live in your communities, we pay enough in rent to your company, for something in return. And by doing so, you may have a better chance of getting more people renting here. I have nothing good to say about the place. I've had people that were driving through looking for apartments stop me out while I was walking and ask me about how I like living here and I've told them about the things that have already gone on here within the 3 weeks we've lived here.
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Waterford Place Apartments

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