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Waterside at Castleton



Resident · 2018 - 2021
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Office Staff
Living here has been absolutely awful. It's outrageously expensive for our 1 bedroom apartment ($850)after they changed management companies at the end of 2019. They made "landscaping improvements" by ripping out all of the trees around the retention pond, causing a massive flooding issue in our area of the parking lot. Maintenance takes weeks to do anything or they just close out the ticket without fixing anything, and we're right next to the maintenance garage where I can see them just hanging out doing nothing most days. Our AC went out at least 6 times this summer, then we were told they don't fix them once the weather gets cold. We're on the second floor and it was 80 degrees in there well into fall. My car was hit in the parking lot by a delivery truck and the office threatened me to clean it up or they would tow it. I informed them that insurance said it was totaled and they had taken ownership and would be towing it away. They continued to harass me about it, saying it was a safety concern, then had it towed the same day the insurance company came to get it, then lied to my husband and said I told them they could go whatever they had to do. They took a part out of our bathroom sink for no reason and left us a replacement to install ourselves, except it didn't fit. The washer/dryer in the hallway have been broken the entire time we've lived here. No one ever refilled bags or emptied the garbage in the dog park, so poop built up. Then they just recently tore out the fence so there is no dog park. They also took away half of the dumpsters around the property so my choices are to walk past a building with a very aggressive barking dog, or the other direction with no streetlight or sidewalk to throw poop away. There are police and/or gunshots at least once a week behind us and I do not feel safe outside alone after dark. Great location right next to the highway and apartments are being renovated as people move out, but office staff are liars and maintenance is lazy/incompetent. Don't move here.
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Waterside at Castleton

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