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Westbury Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
I lived in Westbury for 7 months, and ended up breaking my lease. The apts are old,and bug infested. In the 7 months I lived there, I experienced an army ant infestation, racoon problems, water bugs, flying roaches- yes flying roaches( I didnt know that they existed), but when the exterminator came, he told me it was a flying roach. I am a very clean person and have never had bugs in any apt( except spiders occasionally). When I moved out I was charged for everything, drywall damage that I didnt cause, a small scratch on the washer and dryer, which was about 15 years old to begin with. I was charged 1,000 for carpet replacement when the carpet could have been cleaned. I filed a complaint with the atty general and BBB and sent pictures of the apt upon me vacating the premises and both the Atty Gen and BBB could find no reasonable eplanation for the exessive charges because the apt was clean. <br><br>The staff became rude when I advised them I wwas breaking my lease, and soon thereafter I was charged for everything that was wrong with the apt prior to me moving in that were mostly cosmetic things that were of no importance. Overall, I would not recommend that anyone move here, the apts cost too much, for the old appearance and you most likely will have bug issues, noise problems and God forbid you have to break your lease for any reason, they will charge you for everything. Do not move here you have been warned.
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Westbury Court Apartments

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