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Wildwood Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/31/2012
I just moved from there. I stayed for the duration of my lease; 15 months. My building wasn't too bad. The only issue I had is the neighborhood as a whole. I would hear gun shots at night. There was once a time when I heard them in the night and the next morning when I left for work, there was a bullet shell in front of my car in the street. My car was fine though. I also had an issue with people doing a lot of drug trafficking in the front of the complex. They would park in the front of the complex and literally wait for someone from the back to come up; pull up next to them; and they do the transaction. I found it really insane because they don't know who is watching. Another issue I had was with the office. I had requested that I get the model that was being shown at the time because there were no other apartments available at first and they told me no and they those are not available to rent out to residents..only to see that they later did rent it out to someone. There is a lot of in and out traffic as well. I had an issue with an animal inside the roof that I would hear scratching the wall of the ceiling at night when it was cold. I called the office and they said they would send someone out; and they did; I assume. I never got a follow up to know what it was or if it was done. I just assumed whatever it was had been taken care of because I no longer heard the scratching anymore. To this day I have no idea if maintenance came out or what it was that was up there. My main reason for leaving is because they jumped my rent up an additional $80 if I renewed another year. I was unsure why because I was not once ever late on my rent the entire time I was a resident. Once I gave them my notice and I found an apartment and put my deposit down, 2 weeks later they then decided to lower the increase. I thought that was poor management because if they really wanted to keep a good paying resident, they would have made an offer when I declined the first one and signed for my notice that day. That would have prevented me from doing a lot of apartment searching and prevented me from putting my deposit with another complex. I didn't feel wanted at that point. So I then declined the second offer. The apartments are not so bad but I do feel the price that you pay; you may as well go somewhere much nicer with a decent environment that has an equal value of what you would pay there.
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Wildwood Village Apartments

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