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4430 Brookline Court, Indianapolis, IN 46220
4430 Brookline Court, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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Williamsburg North



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jmblank • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 10/29/2012
I have been living in these apartments since August of 2012, and although it's only been 2 months so far, I love my apartment complex. I'm an incredibly nervous person and am a bit paranoid, so when I made the decision to move into an apartment complex I searched for months on end looking for an apartment that I liked best. I was looking for an apartment that could offer an environment I felt safe in, had a floor plan I didn't hate, was animal friendly, and other little amenities that would make my stay better. I went to many other apartment complexes for tours and I searched a lot of other websites before finding this one. After reading some of these reviews I was nervous about moving into this complex, because some of the people before me mentioned crime. However, I have not personally had my car vandalized or my apartment broken into; my neighbor's apartment was broken into but that's the only break in I've heard of in my time here. If you have a roommate and you don't mind sharing a bathroom, this apartment is a great roommate apartment. We never hear each other when we're in our rooms with the doors closed, or when one is in the living room/kitchen and the other is in their bedroom. There's tons of cabinet/closet/storage space, far more than I expected. This complex also has a feel of a community to it, there are always kids playing together outside and they have community gatherings and events. My neighbors are friendly. The parking is based on your apartment number, and you can also use a guest parking spot, there's only been one time I had to walk a long distance from where I parked to my apartment, and that's only because we had construction going on in our parking area to make it look nicer and feel nicer when you drove on it. The maintenance is great! I've had to file a few maintenance reports for little things and they were always here within 48 hours and they took care of the problem. The buildings are older buildings so obviously things happen and maintenance has to be called. I've never had a problem with being able to hear my neighbors in my apartment, I live on the top floor so I'm not sure what it's like from the bottom floor, but I've never heard people talking or anything else while in my apartment. Outside of the door though, once you walk into the hallway where the stairs are you can hear your neighbors talking if they're loud enough, their t.v., their phones ringing, etc. But that's just part of living in an apartment, considering I can't hear them in my apartment area after the door is closed, I don't find it to be a problem/nuisance/disturbing whatsoever. I haven't had many run ins with bugs, I've found a few lady bugs here and there, one spider, and maybe like two or three unidentified bugs, but other than that no pests; which was another thing I worried about, but it's not a problem at all. It has a laundry center here, which is nice because I hate the laundromat and only residents have access to the laundry center. Some of the washers and dryers in the laundry center are kind of messed up, but the complex is currently working to replace them all. The kids here are bad as other reviews have mentioned, though I mentioned earlier that it feels like a community because they play together, as an adult without kids, they can be irritating. They do walk out into the street and don't have any regard towards the fact that you're driving there, they are loud and act a little ridiculous in the laundry room and their parents don't do anything about it, but that's not something the complex can control. Overall though, I love my apartment complex and I would recommend it.
Williamsburg North Manager11/08/2012

Williamsburg North appreciates your kind review of our community. The staff works hard to achieve the high standards of a Gene B. Glick Apartment Community which includes maintaining the community, customer service, and implementing services and functions for our residents. Please feel free to contact me at (317)253-5089.

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Williamsburg North

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