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Cambridge Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2018
I moved here a month ago because I heard they were some of the nicest apartments in town and l loved all the "extras". Boy was I wrong! All the people who told me these were nice, obviously have never lived here. My balcony is so disgusting with mold all over the "carpet" or whatever it is on the balcony, that I cannot even step out onto my balcony without slipping on mold. I don't even know how it's possible to have mold on the floor like that but it's disgusting and after talking to several other tenants, it's not just me with this problem. The steps going to the upstairs apartments are so rusted that it's only a matter of time before a step breaks and causes serious injury. Like another reviewer said, they are currently having the ladies in the office paint over the rust on the stairs. Which looks great, but doesn't change the fact that's a huge safety hazard! So if you do move here make sure you have good medical insurance and lawyer in case you happen to be the unlucky person that gets injured due to the owner's negligence. Don't even get my started on the pool! This is the one "extra" I was excited about the most... and after using it 3 times I will NEVER use it again. The first time I went down to the pool I met a fellow tenant who told me she had just moved in and that she had been kicked out of wildcat creek apartments due to bringing beer down to the pool, but that we were lucky because Tara (lady in the office) told her when she moved in that she didn't mind this lady bringing beer to the pool as long as it wasn't in glass bottles. I thought it was odd she told me that without even knowing me but not even 5 min later this same lady has 5 people who live in the neighborhood next to the apartments come to the pool. This is not a big pool by any means. I've seen backyard pools bigger than this pool. So 6 people in this pool is pretty packed. Not only is the pool now packed, but these people are now all drinking beers in the pool, smoking IN THE POOL and ashing their cigarettes on the pool deck. EVEN THOUGH THERE IS CLEARLY A SIGN THAT SAYS "NO SMOKING"! This was during normal business hours. I was appalled at this behavior and that it was allowed to continue, but it was my only day off so I stayed for a few hours, TRIED to enjoy my day off and hoped it was a one time thing. HAHAHA. Wrong again! I've tried to go down to the pool twice since then and both times this lady has came down and invited several people again. Always during office hours. Always smoking and drinking it up. These people must not have jobs because I can't even get ONE NICE RELAXING day outside by the pool. They should change the name of the pool to "Cambridge Place Public Swimming Center" since no one follows or enforces the rules and anyone can come and do whatever they want. Now on to parking... every unit is supposed to have one assigned spot, but the apartment does NOTHING to enforce this. If someone parks in your numbered spot and you call the office they will tell you they will try to find out who's car it is and have them move it, but that never happens.
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Cambridge Place

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