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Cambridge Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/26/2009
I will be moving to a new community when my lease expires. The apartments are beautiful the location is great. I've lived here six years and the managment and staff were great until Jupiter took over. In a very short time they fired the manager and maintenance men that were great, did a wonderful job and really cared about our community. Old manager had been here almost since the apartments were opened. Jupiter took over and we've had two worthless and rude managers in two years. Maintenance has gone to hell. Have had issues since January that have not been addressed and this is May. (not minor issues either) This property is in bankruptcy which means I will get back $0.00 in deposits. This is not a cheap apartment and then we add the utilities. The way this community decided to do the utilities is unique to the community. They pay half of the water, sewage and trask pickup. The renter's pay the other half based on a formula that is made up of the number of occupants in the apartment, square footage of the apartments and the number of renters in the community. My rent is supposed to be $745.00 a month but with the flucation of tentants (more moving out than in) it runs between $786.00 to $800.00 The apartments have old windows and doors that need some work to keep the wind and cold out, when the wind blows it blows through the apartment. When you make out a maintenance request, you are told to hang a blanket over the door and get plastic for the windows. If you like a rude manager and a lackidasical maintenance staff then this is the place for you. Otherwise look elsewhere. The apartments aren't being maintained, the lawn care and general maintenance has gone from A to D- in the short time that Jupiter has owned the place. If you try to call or write Jupiter directly they ignore your letters and messages, and they never answer their phones so your only option is to leave messages.
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Cambridge Place

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