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Cadelynn09 • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/10/2010
I was a tenant of Fox Acres Apartments for over 2 1/2 years. I will be completely honest with the fact that I have been late on my rent on more than one occasion. On those occasions I have always paid my rent by the 15th of the month and have also notified management when that would happen, along with paying the late fee for doing so. At my move in I reported to the office staff on two things. The first was that my patio door was completely fogged up and leaking around the edges, along with a bedroom window doing the same. Secondly, that the carpet was not tacked down at the walls and could easily be lifted up. Due to time constraints for myself, my family had to move in anyways. We then had 4 well known friends living at Fox Acres for less then a year. All of those friends have since moved, along with two other referrals we received towards the beginning of our move in date, both of those referrals have also left. 2 1/2 years later these items were never fixed or attended too. I've had to call maintenence for repairs on the kitchen sink faucet, garbage disposal, bathroom sink, furnace, air conditioner, and had a water heater go out. Tony/Greg (the maintenence guys) are wonderful personalities and have responded promptly to the issues. The kitchen sink and water heater were both thought to be fixed and had to be redone after the fact. The office manager was extremely polite and friendly before I signed my lease. After that, all I have received is rudeness, unprofessional oppinions, and superior attitude from her. She seems only to care about the way the community looks and runs when it comes time for an inspection that will reflect badly on her. Last year an inspection of my apartment showed that my patio door still needed replaced, I received a note in my door saying this would be attended to. It never was. This year an inspection was done, without notice, and several things on both sides were found to be lacking. The manager said that notice was given to everyone, but out of the four apartments in my entrance - 2 say they did not receive notice, 1 says they can't recall receiving any, and the 4th was gone for the period of the supposed notice and inspection (they had no notice on the door informing them of an upcoming inspection, only one stating that it had been done). During this inspection, once again my patio door and bedroom window were noted as issues that needed to be dealt with by the complex. The manager also said I needed to clean my carpets, fix my blinds, one drip pan on my stove, and the inside of the oven. The manager sent me a letter stating I had two weeks to complete those items. Carpets and blinds I can agree with needing done(although I believe that is why we are required to pay damage deposits), but when I try to get the carpets cleaned I have issues because the cleaners get upset and the carpet snags on the edges where it was never installed correctly. My personal choice of cleaners will not clean it anymore. I was also told that we are allowed one carpet cleaning complimentary per year which is pretty standard, but the manager has since changed that and it is only one for the entire length of your stay (one year or twenty). I did not complete one item on the managers list, that being cleaning the oven, but I bake/cook constantly. I would like to also point out that my patio door and bedroom window still constantly leak air and fog up severly after two years. Seems very unfair to me for them to not fix their list, but give me two weeks. As for pricing of my apartment, each year my rent has increased. They are promising not to increase the rent again on the next lease, but they will start charging an extra fee for water and either sewage or trash if we were to stay here for another lease. I personally put my family on a waiting list at another apartment complex in April of this year, it's now available and we are moving out. I am rating parking good, but that is due to the fact that I pay for it extra each month, before I did pay additional it was horrible at best and over crowded in most areas. This year alone, 3 people have been hurt on the concrete surrounding the pool due to the concrete being painted and extremely slippery. Two of those accidents involved stitches and hospital trips. The management showed no sympothy, said that "street clothes" are not to be worn at the pool and that there was a sign posted saying so. The sign says "in the pool" not "in the pool area". A previous Assitant Manager was absolutely the saving grace of this community, but she even opted to move into another apartment complex due to vandalism to her own vehicle here. No one that works at the complex currently lives here and I know that both maintenence men also live out of town, so night time emergencies take longer to respond too. If anyone has any questions about moving in here, my suggestion is to wait until they find new management and start caring about more than their own backsides and profit margins.
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Fox Acres

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