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Fox Acres



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Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/02/2008
General Condition: This is an older apartment complex that is reasonably maintained. However, the floors creak, kitchen/bathroom fixtures appear to be 1960s era, carpeting is of inferior quality, and the built-in inside lighting is sparse and dim. Entrances are shared by four units and are noisy with the sounds from the other apartments. Stairwells are flimsy and creak and groan whenever a tenant goes up or down the stairs; sounds that are easily heard within the apartment. Water: Water is included in the rent, but the water heat, volume, and pressure have been reduced to conserve water usage. The kitchen and bathroom faucets disperse water sparingly. Hot water lasts long enough for one person to take a short shower before it turns cold. Noise Level between Units: The apartments are not as quiet as advertised, especially between the upper and lower levels. The sounds from barking dogs, flushing toilets, televisions, music, and conversation are easily heard. The heating units in each apartment are extremely loud when they activate. Management/Leases/Fees: Leases are extremely complicated and appear to be designed to confuse & intimidate the tenant and to minimize risk and maximize profits at the expense of the tenant. Extremely high fees are attached to nearly anything imaginable such as lockout fees, laundry card replacement fees, short-term lease fees, late fee, penalty fees, etc. Management uses deception and pressure tactics to get prospective tenants to sign long-term leases and to agree to the fee schedule. The penalty for breaking a lease is extremely expensive and contains a penalty clause where tenants must pay multiple months rent as punishment for leaving the apartment before the lease expires. Addendums to the punishment clause can be made for special situations such as for illness or death, but each and every possible situation for breaking the lease must be made on separate documentation. Management does not routinely provide a signed copy of the lease to tenants, but gives them a blank copy instead. Finally, leases appear to be individualized, with certain fees and penalties based on the tenant s ability to pay. Summary: Not recommended. If you insist on renting, protect yourself by having your attorney review the lease agreement before signing it.
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Fox Acres

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