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Turtle Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2015
Turtlecreek apartments is the worst place to live. The reason they take hud and all those people have all got some mental problem if they don't like you they go in the office and file complaints about you and there lies which have been proven to be lies this has never happened to me but it has several people these people are dangerous they attack tenants I have seen this my self but that worthless property manager don't care they should be evicted but they never are cause all that property manager cares about is keeping the apartments occupied so she can get her bonuses and awards. The property manager is not worth a ---- either is the maintenance men when you need something fixed you don't get it fixed in a timely manner it takes anywhere from six months to a year cause I have been waiting to get my patio door fixed I complained and don't do any good cause I lived ther a year it's still not fixed all there interested in is getting apartments rented. They have more people moving out than in do to the reputation of the apartment complex and the manager she made it abundantly clear she don't care about what is going on involving complaints repairs all she is about is money. the rent is high for no more than you are getting they have a lot of low lifes living there convicted felons convicted for just about anything she does not do any back ground checks on anyody when comes to criminal background checks and every time your lease comes up for renewal they raise rent from ten dollars to twenty dollars every time you enew your lease this is why people move out of turtecreek apartments cause they find rent cheaper and get more for there money cause you don't get nothing turtlecreek doesn't even offer an incentive to renew your lease like other apartment complexes do turtlecreek raises your rent every time your lease comes up for renwal they don't care about peoples wages not going up when they raise your rent every time your lease is up for renewal and every apartment complex doesn't raise your rent every time your lease is up for renwal turtlecreek just does it cause all turtlecreek is about is money and how much money they can bleed out of there tenants until the tenants are bled dry of all there money. I lived in a apartment complex for five years they never once raised my rent when my lease came up for renewal my former neighbor she lived in the same comolex I did she lived there fourteen years and they only raised her rent three times in the fourteen years she lived until she went to assisted living because she was elderly watch out for turtlecreek apartments in Kokomo because they will lie to you take you for as much money as they can you can bet on that and you won't getanything fixed cause if you want anything fixed you will have to go over head and call the main office in Indianapolis then when she finds out she tries to get even with you but she always fails to get even with you for going over head to the main office that's the only way you will get anything fixed cause -------------- cre about nothing nobody I ever met at Turtlecreek apartments in Kokomo has nothing good to say about her that is true you ask anybody there opinion -------------- they will tell you she is not worth a ---- that's for sure.
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Turtle Creek

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