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Turtle Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/25/2011
We lived here for over a year. Over the period of that year our dish disposal broke, the maintenance man who reeked of marijuana came in and stuck our closet rod down it to fix it?! We let that go and signed another lease after that year was up, wanted to do a 3 month lease so that we could move and they were going to up our rent in our UNREMODELED apartment by $200 a month. They were in the process of remodeling apartments yet when we came to rent they gave us the shabbyist apartment, NOT THE ONE WE WERE SHOWN, that we thought we were getting, but a version PRE REMODEL! The floors in the kitchen had the same tiles, some had been replaced so you could visually tell that they were NOT supposed to be yellow, but white. The fridge either left butter melt or freeze and we had to change the settings twice a day to keep that from happening, they were notified and NOTHING was done. The maintenance man was too busy smoking pot to actually do his job. We called for touch up paint after resigning another years lease to avoid paying $700 dollars for the SMALLEST 2 bedroom unremodeled floor plan they have. The touch up paint NEVER happened. My fiance and I found a house after signing our next lease and I called down to the office to see if I could work out a payment plan to break our lease. He said he needed like 4 grand to break our lease RIGHT THEN and that he would not do payment plans. So he got nada RIGHT THEN, and we got the hell on. This place is a dumb, the maintenance men are on drugs, and the only residents they care about are 75 years old . We were ALWAYS on time with rent, we took care of the PIECE OF CRAP apartment they rented to us, and it didn't matter we were treated like CRAP.
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Turtle Creek

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