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Turtle Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2013
I have been living here for about 6 months and so far it's a total nightmare. I had read the reviews on this site before moving in and it seemed like a good decision at the time. There is NO central air or heat... There is one air conditioner in the living room and so during the summer I had to pull my mattress in my living room if I wanted to have a good non- heat stroke related sleep. The building does not retain heat or keep out cold at all either. It is now winter time and its all I can do to stay warm. An average day is me in a long sleeved shirt, sweater, sweat pants and gloves. The heaters the apartments provide are not high quality and make the apartment smell like something is burning. Also, when we first got Internet we had to pay for someone to come to the apartment (the apartment manager refused to pay for it) and replace the wiring because it was so old it wasn't even salvageable and there was only one place we could hook it up...the bedroom, which is very inconvenient. Just in 6 months, the maintenance people know me well, be it for wire shortages, water heater problems (hot water for only 10 minutes at most and the maintenance people won't even do anything about it saying that there's nothing they can do), appliance mishaps and more. The parking is always full so it's difficult to park decently, and during the winter they don't even salt the lot, making it dangerous even being careful. The laundry facilities cost 1.50 a load and they don't even properly wash the clothes. The exercise rooms never have any working equipment because it seems they always have a "waiting on parts to repair" sign on them. A lot of the door hinges and screws to cabinets are stripped and we actually had a door fall off its hinges and we have crooked cabinet doors. Also the blinds to the balcony are very very cheap even the maintenance said that they were low quality. They consistently are falling of the tracks and the teeth at the top break off and we have to pay for it. The maintenance and office people are the only good things about the apartment complex. I wrote this review not to be a major downer, but because I wish someone had pointed all of this out to me before I moved in.
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Turtle Creek

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