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Skyline Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/22/2015
This place basically became the Projects of Markle. My wife and I moved out of Skyline Village last year and we do not miss it. When we first moved in, it seemed like a good decision and we were fairly happy for the first couple years. But then the place seemed to go downhill fast. They seem to be more concerned about filling the place up rather than getting quality tenants, and as a result they have let basically anyone move in, most of which do not work and have no intention to. Most of the residents are on welfare and/or rental assistance. The walls are literally paper thin, so you will hear everything your neighbors do and say. The appliances are ancient and about to fall apart. The A/C is a single wall unit, which does not even come close to cooling your apartment in the summer. We would have it on High all day, and could barely get the apartment below 85 degrees some days. During our last year there, there was a meth lab explosion in another building, a shooting in another building, and the cops are there on a weekly basis for who knows what. My wife and I felt very unsafe there. Management is only there a few hours on weekdays, so if something happens at night, or especially on weekends, you are on your own unless you call the cops. The laundry room only has 5-6 washers and driers and was hardly every locked so people from the town use it, which makes it nearly impossible to get an open machine unless you do it in the middle of the night. The management needs to stop focusing on simply filling the place up with welfare cases, and maybe get some quality working people there. An apartment complex is only as good as its tenants.
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Skyline Village Apartments

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