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Hickory Ridge Lake Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
-----'s Minions Rule Here !!! I am a long term tennant having lived ONLY 2 years here . Finally my lease is up as i am thankfully going to buy a home . This place is a dump from the word GO AWAY .There is always garbage in the hall and no one even bothers to pick it up for weeks on end. There are a thousand rubbers on the floor in my storage room area. Drug dealers run their business here and their drug people patrol this place. The office staff are the most RUDE and VILE people i have ever met in life.You can hear them cussing and yelling from out in the street.To them this is normal.As soon as you leave the office they yell comments about you LIKE I CAN'T HEAR THAT. What is wrong here? The place really comes alive at night. Anything goes here and i have seen it all. Maintenance here has also fallen apart as no one can fix anything ,will not show up or there are no more parts.I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR TO COME BACK AND FIX MY DISHWASHER THAT BROKE DOWN A YEAR AGO!!!!!!!!!!!Only one pool works here BUT IT IS ALWAYS DIRTY. It IS SO BAD THAT I HEARD THE OWNERS ARE DESPERATLY TRYING TO SELL THE PLACE and the Manager Quit! .This place is not safe at all as people constantly walk up to you and beg for money at night or ask you if you need OR THEY USE THE PARKING LOT TO WORK ON THEIR CARS AND FRIENDS CARS AND GET DRUNK OR JACKED UP. There was also another shooting here lately so this should tell you something UNLESS YOU ARE FROM THE INNER CITY AND USED TO THE GANGSTAS,HOODS AND THE LIKE. sOO LONG YOU RUN DOWN SLUM .TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT THIS PLACE BEFORE YOU MOVE HERE,AND BE PRE WARNED,shingels falling off the roofs,the laundry rooms constantly flood ,steps on the main entrances are nasty,hallways have gang carvings everywhere, broken entrance doors, paint chipped off,garbage and old diapers in the cans stink up the place,the office people stink ,the MAINTENANCE MAN STINKS ,people here are the worst ever,THE LAKE STINKS LIKE A SEPTIC TANK. What more do you need to know or are you just an unsuspecting fool like i was when i moved here. BAD BAD BAD PLACE HERE<br>WORSE THAN SECTION 8 OR THE EAST SIDE OF GARY.
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Hickory Ridge Lake Apartments

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