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Edgewood Apartments



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Debra Davis • Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/21/2016
The land lady ---------------- refuses to fix things for all of the tenants. In my opinion, this is a hillbilly apartment complex. When I first moved in, It took a couple minutes before the faucets in the kitchen would turn on. One maintenance man said it was old and there was nothing they could do, but the other maintenance man fixed it but put the faucets on backwards! The shower was all messed up and the hot water went in the tub, and the cold water was in the shower part. the maintenance man said there was nothing he could do and that all the apts were like that. I said,"You mean people put up with that? What kind of hillbilly apt. is this?" Finally, the other maintenance man fixed it. The oven and stove were completely filthy. I was expecting a nice new looking clean apt. I was very disappointed. Now the last and most pressing issue is that my air conditioner doesnt work but the landlady refuses to have it fixed. she keeps saying it is working properly and taking pictures of the air conditioner itself. I said why dont you tale a picture of the thermostat. she some how thinks the no. on the airconditioner says the room temperature and I guess she believes her own lies. I am now in the process of sueing her. I would not recommend moving into this place.The manager neglects the property, and takes advantage of the tentents. The manager doesn't seem very intelligent and has a mean disposition.
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Edgewood Apartments

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