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1109 Hidden Lakes Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46544
1109 Hidden Lakes Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46544

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Autumn Lakes Apartments and Townhomes

1109 Hidden Lakes Drive

Mishawaka, IN 46544



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Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended

Reviewed 01/08/2016

The GOOD: Aesthetically, the apartments and grounds look good. The third-floor end apartments have extra windows, taller ceiling, large round window over the balcony door. Also there are many police that live out here all around the complex from city, county and state. That's where the good ends. The BAD: I've been here a total of a little over a year. I first had a first-floor apartment where insects (spiders, worms, centipedes) could freely enter and roam your apartment at will. I looked at two different apartments before settling on one and they both were INFESTED with spiders in every corner, every room, top to bottom. They said there were that many because the apartment had been sitting for a while and the spiders had just taken residence. (The bug problem is nearly non-existent on the third floor). I asked for the apartment to be cleaned and have all the spiders swept up upon move-in. Well, they never did. I had to sweep them all up myself before moving any of my belongings into the building. I ended up staying in that particular apartment for only 6 months because someone had moved in above me with a small child that kept running back and forth, back and forth, all day and all night. It was too distracting as I was in school. So, I moved into a third floor apartment so that I didn't have to deal with the noise above me. Been here for almost 9 months and am ready to break my lease if I have to. The walls and floors are incredibly thin. The floors even more-so than the walls. I can hear almost everything the male below me says when he talks. I can even hear and feel them walking down there on occasion. I can also hear every noise from everything they do. And they don't even try to be quiet so as not to disturb other neighbors. And on top of that, he smokes so he is constantly going in and out of the balcony door which is a loud BOOM every time it's closed, which shakes the whole building since the walls and floors are so thinly and cheaply made. The guy next door plays his music loud and I can hear it over my TV. I've asked him nicely once to turn it down and he complied for a short time. The seals around the front apartment doors are horribly sticky. So anytime anyone opens their apartment door or opens the main hallway door (because of the air pressure in the hallway), your front door moves causing the seal to make noises. It sounds like someone is trying to open your door every time. I moved to the third floor to have a little peace and quiet, but since these buildings were so cheaply made, it doesn't matter what floor you live on if you want any kind of quiet. Also as others have stated, you are tied down to only one internet provider: THEIR internet. And while it's quite fast during the day when people are at work, it's horribly-congested in the evenings when everyone is home from work. Almost to the point that the internet is near unusable. They have said on the phone they are doing upgrades and it should be better in a couple months, but I'll hopefully be gone by then. And while ATT may have service nearby and may have service to some buildings, they have specifically said on the phone that they do not service this apartment community. So while being a pretty safe place to live, if you don't mind listening to your neighbors above, below, and next to you, and don't mind hearing your front door constantly moving when people enter and exit the building, then this is the place for you.
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Autumn Lakes Apartments and Townhomes

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