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405 South Morrison Road, Muncie, IN 47304
405 South Morrison Road, Muncie, IN 47304

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Colonial Crest Apartments



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ColCrstSux • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended

Reviewed 02/26/2010

This is the WORST place I've EVER lived. Anyone that says things were good for them must have lucked out. If there is ANYTHING wrong with your apartment they won't come fix it... and if you bug them enough that they do the maintenence men are RUDE to you. When I did a walk through I asked for a new bedroom door. The one that was there stuck, and had a hole punched through it. I've been there almost a year and a half (not by choice, trust me) and I still have that same door. My carpets weren't cleaned before I moved in (I know this because the carpet cleaner guy came 2 days after I moved in and couldn't clean them because I had boxes everywhere... he never returned) My heat does not work in the back bedroom. It has gotten down to 58 degrees no matter how high I turn up my heat. However, you can't explain that to them. I tell them NO air comes out of the vents and they just say to turn it up. I should have known... as soon as the ink was dry on the lease Mike said "When your electric bill is high, don't come to us we can't do anything." However, there is frost on the inside of every window in the winter. I called to ask to have plastic put up over them... and they showed up, but without plastic. Said I had to buy it. Really?! They don't salt the parking lots or sidewalks... I got in an accident at the end of a hill last winter and Mike lectured me about how "we all make choices and assume responsibility when we get in a car." The maintenence man called me a "fu*kin bi*ch" and told me to learn how to drive. It was then brought up a year later. Myself, my dog, and my fiance' have all been bit by the dog downstairs and they don't care... but if mine barks they call me multiple times a day. When I had mold coming out from under the surround in the tub they told me to clean it. I explained it was behind the walls. They came to tear it apart. I will give them credit, it only took 2 days... but the tub isn't long enough for where it is so they bent the surround and put TONS of caulk there. It's already bent back. The surround doesn't meet in the corners and water drips down in there so it will only mold again. Whenever I mention something they say "Are you going to re-lease? We'll fix it if you do... otherwise we're going to leave it." Don't live here! Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/IN-Muncie-Colonial-Crest-Apartments-940226.html#ixzz0getCTF4G
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Colonial Crest Apartments

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