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Sheffield Square



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2009
My roommate and I moved into Sheffield in December '07. The staff was friendly and helpful, the apartment was spacious and beautiful - we thought we'd moved into paradise (especially after our last apartment). As we did our first walk through, we noticed a few minor problems (drawers without tracks and a closet door that wouldn't work), and we were assured that they would be fixed. As of February of '09, they still haven't been fixed. On top of this, we've had numerous issues with our heating and air, extensive water-damage, constantly dripping faucets, and much more. Every time we call, the ladies at the office will say, "I'll write a work order, it'll be fixed ASAP." Little or nothing has been fixed. Often times, when maintenance does come, they say, "Sorry, there's nothing we can do right now." What little does get fixed or addressed is because my roommate and I make constant phone calls to the office (though maintenance will come if there are heat/air issues). For example, during this last summer, our air conditioning never seemed to cool our apartment (we keep our thermostat at 75). The maintenance men came, saw some issues, and ended up replacing our entire unit. Still, our apartment never cooled. Although we kept our thermostat at 75, our apartment would stay at 80 degrees. After an entire summer of miserable heat, numerous phone calls, and endless maintenance visits, the office finally told us that our second floor apartment would never cool completely and that we should just try turning down the thermostat down farther (they basically told us we didn't know how to use our thermostat). Honestly, I wouldn't have minded them telling us to turn our thermostat down a few degrees, but this was after numerous phone calls over an entire summer of sweltering heat, and the office told us in such an unprofessional manner. There was another episode just this past month after a heavy snow where part of our living room ceiling fell in with extensive water damage to the entire apartment along the ceilings and down the walls (and as of today, hasn't been fixed yet). Would I live in Sheffield again? Absolutely not. For the high rent, the service is deplorable and unacceptable - my roommate and I are moving out as soon as possible.
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Sheffield Square

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