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Wynngate Apartments



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urbigfatmoma • Resident 2009 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 05/13/2010
I have lived here for 11 months so far, and this apartment has been really nice! It looks very nice on the inside. All the rooms are very spacious. The only recommendation is that you should probably not get an apartment that is closest to Charlestown Rd due to the amount of traffic noise that can be heard. It can be very noticeable at times. However there wasn't any other sort of noise problems from the neighbors. Overall it's a very quiet place to live. Parking from my experience was just fine. As you are assigned your own parking spot. However if you have two people living here with two cars sometimes the other free spaces can fill up quickly. This was only seldom a problem though. A great convenience about living here is everything is very close. There is a Kroger just across the street. Which came in handy numerous times! The only negative side about this location is if you have to go to Louisville a lot it's at least 10 mins till the bridge. However if your only driving somewhere in New Albany it shouldn't take you more than 10 mins to get anywhere hardly. Living here I did not have very many maintenance problems at all. Just one when we first moved in the air conditioner went out shortly after. However the maintenance guy was able to fix it within a reasonable time period. As far as the staff I am pretty sure it was just one lady that worked in the office. Or at least I only ever saw one lady. Laura was her name I believe, and she seemed very helpful. The only things I would have to complain about the office is that they were hardly ever open. The hours are from 9-12 then 1-4:30 . So that's a bad idea for someone working first shift like I was. But I never really had to go to the office for anything so it wasn't a huge deal. The apartment also has plenty of electrical outlets in every room, which is a huge plus these days! Coaxial hookup was only in the master bedroom, and the living room, which was not a problem for me, but might be for someone else. If anyone has any questions about these apartments feel free to email me @ [email protected] I would be glad to answer your questions. Please make the subject line "Wynn-Gate Apartments" I hope this can be helpful to someone!
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Wynngate Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 05/13/2010) Image of Wynngate Apartments in New Albany, IN
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 05/13/2010) Image of Wynngate Apartments in New Albany, IN
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 05/13/2010) Image of Wynngate Apartments in New Albany, IN
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