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Prospective Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I have two family members living in this apartment complex - but wanted to share my observations... 1. When a hole was found under the kitchen sink of an elderly woman due to some kind of plumbing or construction problem - the apartment folks took over 2 months to fix it. They told the woman that they may just have to move her to a different apartment. In the mean time, her electric bill went from an average of $46 to over $150 each month they were trying to figure out what to do. When the apartment folks were asked to compensate her for the lost money - they refused and said it was a management decision. They were unwilling to release the management company number or name. She was never reimbursed. She lives on a limited income but she did her part - throughout this problem, apartment management could not be reached. 2. When an elderly woman slipped on the ice while trying to check her mail - the apartment folks just didn't care. The apartment failed to salt this area and apartment management was no where to be found. 3. When a two year old child tripped over the poorly cared for sidewalk and broke his pelvic bone - now in a full body cast for several months - apartment management was no where around. 4. When you are more than 5 days late they walk over a tape an eviction notice to your door. 5. When you need to talk to someone about an issue the answer is ALWAYS - you will have to talk to management but you can't get any information about who "management" is. 6. A street lamp was out leaving the parking lot extremely dark. Apartment folks said that "it used to work." So what is that supposed to mean exactly? Maybe we can ask apartment management - whoever that may be. 7. If you decide to live there - get the name and number of apartment management up front and check it out to make sure it is accurate because once you move in, you will not be able to get it ever again.
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