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Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
DESPICABLE! This place is a biiiiig no, no! Their is such a high amount of unprofessionalism here its no laughing matter. The maintenance guys are definitely out of line and do more gossiping between the residents about the status, well-being, financial welfare, or just anything that is a clear cut of confidentiality regarding other residents to residents that they have a friendships with. They are intrusive on the lives of residents and violate their right to privacy by using their privelage of going in resident's homes and using the privelage of working nearby the homes of resident's (where they keep their maintenance supplies) as a gateway to gossiping and or spreading rinformation about the lives of other residents. And especially for the residents that they have friendships with, they have lied on the behalf of the resident that they held a friendship with on a different resident (two neighbors) and falsely complained to the office about the helpless resident who had done nothing and keep to themselves. Of course the residents who are buddies of the maintenance guys give them good reports because they give them their personal phone numbers and do additional work for them on a personal level that does not have to be "called in" through the maintenance line as is supposed to happen according to the leasing agreement and regulations of the apartment guideline and has to be done by those of the residents they don't have in their "social circle of gossip". And as for the office staff they (at least the old office staff Abby and Chelsie) would not bother to correct the wrongful ways of the maintenance men, but instead, gossip with them about what's going on around the complex and laugh at the residents who complain about their privacy being violated and other residents being told lies or confidential info by the maintenance men. They act so nonchalant, when this is enough to get them a big time lawsuit "INVASION OF PRIVACY" and probably some other suits as well.
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