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Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
This place is very awful. When you stand at the front door outside of a neighbors apartment, you can hear their every without a problem. The lack of privacy is a major concern also, being that you can hear your neighbors personal information through their vents. Besides this major lack of privacy, the staff in the office discuss information with residents that violates ther privacy act. There is also a very big issue with discrimination here also. When I first moved here, I was told by the previous staff that I had to have the electricity switched over in my name before we could move in and that they must have proof as well. After I moved in, I overheard the same employee telling a soon to move in resident that even though they needed to have the electricity switched over in their name before they could move in, that they would go ahead an allow them to move in without doing so (heard this while I was waiting in the office). I also overheard the same staff making fun of a woman who walked out right before I came in another time calling her fatty and a cry baby. The current staff also harrass a particular female of African-American Identity and took the side of a caucasian female only because she was the same color as they were rather than because she was in the right (of which the caucasian woman was in the wrong). I've listened to countless amounts of private informmation regarding financial and leasing information of residents being discussed by the employee to other residents whom this information would be illegal for them to be releasing that information. They have even told me personally, information about other residents that would be considered illegal for them to discuss with me. Parking is absolutely terrible. Maintenance men are pretty good with doing their jobs but this is the only good asset I can think of regarding these apartment complex. They are however, seemingly extremely overworked at times. This is not an exaggeration by any means and that is the sad part about it. I have lived in cities where safety was a for sure concern but still withheld a better experience and leasing term. Please go the other way unless you yourself are like these people who live and work here which is just low class and morally challenged all together.
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