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Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
I have lived here in the past and love the floor plans, and convenient location. I am sorry to report though, that the woman they hired as property manager here now in 2014 -is very unfriendly. She really makes you feel "UNwelcome". She just has this nasty attitude like your decision to live here was a FAVOR they DID FOR YOU. And if you get out of line, or your kids do, you will be in "violation of your lease". She really makes me feel like she's out for revenge for some reason. Very very very nasty! We almost feel like prisoners in our apartments that WE PAY FOR. We are required to have renters insurance. Recently we were told we can not allow our children to play ball in the parking lots - probably because of one of the residents I witnessed had to slow down from 50 miles an hour going through the complex. And our kids aren't allowed to talk to each other in the breezeways between the apartments now or we will be in a "lease violation" - all because ONE kid, and they know which one, chipped away at the brick with his skateboard. If a neighbor doesn't like kids - they should move to an "over 55" community! Instead they are discriminating against the kids and threatening to throw parents out over really dumb stuff when they should be telling residents - "yes, kids live here, you're going to have to get over it". And they decide when you can turn on your heat or A/C here - or I guess you'll be in a "lease violation" for that as well! Oh, she's just so damn rude! WE pay her salary! WE are the reason she has a job! Yet her customer service skills are extremely lacking - I wonder if the folks living in the 3 bedroom got a letter about the 200 lb St Bernard mix they have, and there is someone who is practically blocking the sidewalk with all their ornamental flowers and patio décor - but we were told we're not allowed.
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