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Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
When my fiance and I first moved in the neighborhood was quiet, clean, and friendly until we actually moved in. The upstairs neighbor has music blasting every other day, the stomping noises are worse, and a neighbor three doors down is always concerned with people's personal business, "nosy". The staff are slightly understandable. When it comes to rent even if you give rent on time every single month, the one time you are a couple HOURS late they charged $50. Additionally, the pet fees are insane and when we first got our dog the staff nagged about the pet deposit for a whole week starting the day we JUST got her and were not understandable at all that we got paid biweekly. Now that our lease is up I am upset how the cost for renewal is so much higher when you would think the rent would lower it actually increases. In order to pay the same amount of rent I pay now I would have to sign a lease for 9 years. Seriously???! That is bull. A lease term renewal for an additional 3 years raises my rent but almost $300. We are definitely moving out the minute our lease is up. A one bedroom apartment with poor equipped appliances, door hinges, closets, and space is not work $1000. a month.
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