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Lion's Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
The area I live in is I believe the same are as the other person complaining about parking. There is never any parking past 8pm, you have to plan your evenings on getting back early enough to ensure that you will be able to park in sight of your building. I have noticed that one family seems to have many many vehicles and that a few of the stairwells have teens who have friends coming and going all times of the night. The apartment rules state that guests are to park in the guest parking by the office but they do nothing to enforce this rule.<br><br> Also in the rules it states that any vehicles that are broken down or used infrequently or only for pleasure are to be parked in the storage lot on the other side of the complex, but again the managment does nothing to enforce this rule. It seems almost as if they are afraid of upsetting residents and causeing them to want to leave, but they must not realize that by not enforcing their own rules that the considerate residents will move on and they will be left with only the troublemakers and drug dealers living here.<br><br>I spoke with another resident who has talked at length with the managers, but he said they really see no way to fix this problem and don't think that starting a parking permit system, assigned parking, or even adding more parking is a good solution. It seems to me that the managment team needs to learn to run this business the way an apartment needs to be ran and enforce the rules or else they will wind up with a half-full slum on their hands.
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Lion's Creek Apartments

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