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Ivy Park Apartments



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Where to begin? I will start by saying that this is a horrible place to live in my experience there. The manager is evicting people and bringing her friends and relatives in. This would not be a problem but the people she moves in are doing drugs outside their apartments for everyone to see without a care in the world because they know they will not get in trouble. The manager is what I would call crazy. I have seen her chase people with baseball bats. She will tell you your not aloud to have company over, and when you do they have to park in visitors parking but yet hers never do. She is a big ol girl on a power streak and she just keeps feeding off it. People who live here scream and yell all the time at all hours of the night. They have foul mouths and the parents here deserve to be locked away. No one should treat their kids like these people do. Everyone smokes and the place is littered with cig buts. She sits at her window and watchs everyone, she will even tell you herself that she is a creeper. If she sees you flick ur ashes you will get wrote up but yet her and her boyfriend do it all the time. Do not do your laundry there unless you want them to stink from the filthy laundry room and from where the manager and all her little buddies crowd down there and chain smoke. Her boyfriend/maintance has been seen doing drugs in the conference room. Theres been suspicions about them being pill heads and dealing. If you ever want to know who she is drive through the parking lot and look for the one that is in a night clothes. She never dresses up in everyday clothes and never in dress clothes. Theres a cockroach and a bed bug infestation in parts of the complex. I have been one of the few who has not got them but thats because I have a higher standard of living them the rest. If you collect cans this would be a good place to go, there are always beer cans lining the edge of the parking lot. If you want sex they say this is the place to go and i have heard you always ask for a "dog ---- lips" or "frog lips"...still have not figured that one out. I could name stuff all day but I will not do that. I have highlighted the main problems as i see them and if you want to live here (not recommended) do not say you weren't warned!!!!!!
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Ivy Park Apartments

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