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Redwood Plainfield



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
So we will start with the good things. They are brand new, they all have a garage, they are all single story with nobody above or below you, they are pet friendly. That is about where the good ends and the bad things will out weigh the good. The office only has one staff member and the office is closed on Friday and Saturday and only open for four hours on Sunday. That is probably the two busiest days of the week and for an office to be closed on those days is unheard of. Even though all their advertisements will say that the office is open on Friday I assure you that it is indeed closed. The residents here don't pickup after their dogs. Everybody has a garage but they don't use them for their vehicles because they have them crammed full of junk so the vehicles wont fit. Not very appealing. They will tell you that they spared no expense when building these units but you will realize after a month or so that just isn't true. I already have things falling apart and if you call about any of those items they will tell you that the property is under warranty and that the builder has to come back at his leisure and fix the problem. Trash/recycle cans are supposed to be kept inside your garage except on Tuesday when the trash is to be picked up but you will find them outside all over the property. They the people who pickup the trash that we pay good money for will just throw your containers on the ground or the street because they just are too lazy to put them back where they got them from. The mailbox area is covered but if it rains or snows then you will have to wade through puddles of water to get to your mailbox because of poor drainage. The blinds in these units are cheaply made and are easily broken or don't function properly, when mentioned to the manager she just said that's a problem property wide so I guess that means they aren't going to do anything about it. The blinds they installed don't even completely cover the windows so you have no choice but to buy curtains because if not people can see into your home. In their infinite wisdom they decided to install these industrial style furnaces and put them in the living room where you spend a great deal of your time and when the furnace comes on it is extremely loud so much to the point you will have to turn the TV up very loud just to hear it and forget any sort of conversation until it turns off. It will sound as if a tornado is about to come through the house. The landscaping here is horrible, what little trees or shrubs they have here are all dead and discolored. They have piles of dirt and all sorts of garbage all over the property even though the construction crew has been gone for a while now. They will use excuses such as weather etc but yet all the other premium properties here in the Plainfield area have beautiful landscaping. I have saved one of my biggest complaints for last, we are surrounded by subdivisions and they all utilize our private property as their cut through to get to their homes. They drive extremely fast because we have no speed bumps or anything to slow them down, they don't stop at any of the stop signs. I mentioned this to the manager and again they have no intentions of addressing these issues. They have this oh well attitude. A simple fix would be to make our community gates, after all they claim this is luxury living here. The only thing luxurious about this property is the price they charge. The average rent is about $1400 for a 2/2 and they have more expensive ones as well. And the final kicker here is they just moved in a lovely family across the street from me that loves to get outside and yell and scream at her family. Real classy. So glad that I paid all this money to be subjected to such. The valuable lesson here is that all that glitters is not gold. Do your homework before you sign a lease. Also the address above is accurate but it is in Plainfield not Avon.
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Redwood Plainfield

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