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Stafford Pointe



Resident · 2008 - 2009
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The apartments overall aren't so bad as apartments go. The neighborhood is pretty safe (although I've seen police cars on a couple occasions-probably domestic or someting, nothing requiring gun fire or anything I s'pose). The parking is horrible though, there just isn't enough space, even if each apartment is allowed two cars, there's still one person parking in the handicapped spot and another one having to make up a spot at the end or in the grass or parking way down the drive away from the apartment. Also, the snow removal is a nightmare. Just when you think you have your car dug out of the snow, the plowman comes through and piles it up behind your car; you'll need a shovel (but again, most apartments are like this). However, make sure when it rains you have an umbrella to get out the doors. In the older part of the apts where the hallways are indoors, the gutter haven't been cleaned out in probably years and it's like a waterfall over the doors when it rains; you get incredibly drenched. Other than that, maintenance is amazing. They come fast when you call them (especially if it's something important) and they're very polite and kind; they always wave when they see you out walking. I have to say though, the office staff is really snotty and stuck up. They have this fake nice about them, like they want you to like them so you don't move out, but it's too fake, like you can tell they really don't like you and really don't care because they're trying to hard. Most of them can be very rude as well. But if you can, just avoid going into the office and they'll leave you alone for the most part. They may be rude and snotty but at least they don't hassle you about stupid things. The appliances are really old and outdated, but honestly for the price it's not so bad, it could be a lot worse. There are no bugs and for the most part a fairly decent place. Oh, and one of my neighbors are ridiculous, you can hear them screaming at each other sometimes about who's cheating on who, but the other neighbors are really nice and friendly. It's just kinda the luck of the draw I guess. And the one neighbors, while loud and irritating, can be kind of entertaining, almost like a reality show living beneath me. The dog thing can be a pain though because you have to pick up the dogs...let's say "gifts", but then you have to walk it down to a dumpster (b/c I'm not taking that back in my apt!), and there's only like six dumpster maybe...i dunno, but it's a long walk in the cold. I've just seen some apts that have trashcans or even dog walking stations for this. Which would make sense since it is an extra $25 a month for a pet (which is a little crazy, since another complex charges only $10 a month for a pet and has these dog walking stations with baggies and trash cans).
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Stafford Pointe

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