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Stafford Pointe



Resident · 2008 - 2010
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We've lived here long enough to know... 1. They take great care of the property! I've never seen a place so dedicated to even the small repairs . For each of the last three years they have repainted in the hallways (they clean the carpets there several times a year), repaved in the parking lots (asphalt), repaired any cement that was cracking or crumbling outside before we even noticed it. They mow regularly as they need to, trim bushes and weed-eat. The property is apparently older, but is very well maintained. 2. The office staff is professional and responds to needs and questions promptly every time. What more are you looking for? They are part of the landlord situation, I can't imagine looking for lifelong friendships there. Even at that, I have yet to have one person be rude at all - including Susan, who for some reason has a bad rap on this site. She has a mind like a trap and is very equal to the task of overseeing this many dwellings. She does a great job. I've never been to another apartment facility that holds summer parties, promotions, free picture opportunities, holiday hunts and parties just for the joy of the residents and children. They work hard and if someone has caught them on a bad day (I never have) it is absolutely understandable and forgiveable. 3. Cannot say enough about the maintanance staff! They are ALWAYS proffesional, curteous and the fastest workers you have ever seen! Are you in your jammies? Is your hair a mess, or even your living room? Doesn't matter, they are super-friendly and make you at home with a stranger being in your home. That is nearly impossible for me, so I give them high marks for that. I imagine Susan hires them... I've had a different one just about every time and they are ALL up to the same high standard. Kudos! 4. Parking - we've never had a single issue. At one point enough people lived in our set of three buildings with enough cars that we sometimes had to park a little further from our door... can you really complain about that? That is community living for you, at least we all still had a spot. :) 5. Someone mentioned the hanging bi-fold doors. I'm not a fan of those myself, but where the claims that they will fall on children come from, I'm not sure. For one I can't see that happening, and for another I keep an eye on my own tots, as any mom should. 6. Noise... I have only heard loud music a couple of times. (Once on the New Year -understandable) My husband walked across the hall and asked our neighbors to turn down the volume one time (they had put their tv on our wall and got surround sound). They moved the tv to mid-living room and the problem was solved. That was very accommodating of them! The day-to-day noise is that of birds and locusts (?) in the trees, sometimes mixed in with the play of children (if any live around and use the yard). You honestly cannot tell that the apartments are off a highway. Even the fire station across the highway (we're the closest ones to it) is only heard at a low decible from time to time when everything else is quiet. Once or twice a year there is a low airplane, but even that rumble has become part of the comforting sounds of home. 7. Apartments... we've only seen the ones that look like ours, but I have to tell you we love it. The layout is simple and efficient, and the living room feels huge. In winter we are quite warm (the heat is not a cold heat, as one person implied... they must have lived on an outside-wall apartment or forgot they can turn up the temp or something), in summer we are as cool as we want to be. We are satisfied that we get what we're paying for, and wouldn't imagine complaining. 8. Overall rating for the time we've lived here - 100% satisfied! If we had not been able to get our own home we would not leave here at all. The a/c and heating provide a year-round comfort, the alarm system provides a sense of security, the office staff answer questions and see to needs promptly, the apartment is roomy and comfortable... what more could you ask for? Bottom line, if you are looking to move here understand that what you see is what you get. You are not paying for luxury, so do not review the place as if they owed it to you. In the end here, it all comes down to what kind of resident you are. If you add to the serenity of the surroundings people will not complain about you or cause you problems. In fact, everyone keeps mostly to themselves . I like that just fine, and I absolutely love this place. :)
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Stafford Pointe

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