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Lakeview Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
My advice to anyone thinking of living in this apartment is to save yourself the trouble and strife. The women working in the office of M&R Ventures are rude, condescending liars. There have been two occasions that I have been involved in a raised-voice altercation with them. She is very rushed when speaking to you and purposefully withholds information in the lease-signing meeting. I was told when it came time for my lease to be renewed that one month prior to the end they would send me a new lease to sign and the only options are to live out the 13 month lease, then leave or sign a new 13 month lease. Every time I spoke with her she treated me like I was an ignorant child. I spoke with the two women in the office three months prior to my lease being up and informed both women on two separate occasions that I would be leaving on the day my lease was up. When that day rolled around, I went to turn my keys in and was informed that I failed to turn in a written 30 day notice of vacate, so I am still responsible for 30 days. I was never sent the lease to renew, nor was I ever informed that I needed to submit my notice in writing. I paid my rent in full, on time every single month. For the last month of my lease I only owed a prorated amount. On the check I wrote, "Prorated last month rent." I asked why I was never called and let know there must have been a mix up. The response was, "I get 300 rent checks a month, do you think I care to call people and let them know they gave me the wrong amount?" Every time I needed something over the 13 months I lived here, no calls were ever returned and the office would randomly be closed during open hours. There were several maintenance issues that were never addressed, such as a bad leak in the ceiling. I called and requested that they were fixed, but never got any calls back. The ladies in the office are extremely unprofessional and these apartments are absolutely not luxury. The office staff often have their children in the office, and I have overheard inappropriate conversations with her teenage daughter, who was also rude. They might be cheaper than many around, but I wish I had gone with something more expensive to save myself the strife of these slumlords. I have tried to find a contact number for someone higher in the company of M&R Ventures, but to no avail. I actually moved out of the apartment over a month before my lease was up because of an emergency, but still paid my rent. They knew this, but just now told me I have to pay for another month. They are taking advantage of me. I am completely dissatisfied with my experience. I don't know what to do.
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Lakeview Apartments

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