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Lakeview Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
I lived at Lakeview for two years and had nothing but problems. The first problem was when was getting ready to move in, they gave me the wrong apartment which meant I had to call the utility companies and repay deposits to have them transferred to the correct apartment. Then the apartment that I ended up renting was filthy. The carpets looked like they had never been cleaned. From there on out I had a leaky ceiling above the door, mice, ants, broken closet doors and a creepy neighbor. I ended up transferring my lease from a one bedroom to a two bedroom to help a friend out. So I signed a second lease for another 13 months, worse mistake I could have made! When I moved out of the first apartment, I cleaned the entire apartment by myself top to bottom including the carpet. Then when I got moved into the second apartment once again there were problems with ants, mice, and our heater quit working in the dead of winter, it took maintenance several weeks to come fix it. They ended up coming 3 or 4 times within a month time frame to fix it. Then my roommate and I had a falling out towards the end of our lease and she moved out a week early without helping clean the apartment or help take care of the utilities, so once again I spent around 5 hours cleaning the entire apartment by myself including the carpets. The apartment looked better than when we moved in originally. Of course the dumb ladies in the office decided to randomly close the office on a Friday when they are suppose to be open, so I had to leave my key in an envelope. About two months after moving I finally received a check for the security deposit, minus $65 for carpet cleaning. I called about it and the dumb office lady told me that I was suppose to have a professional clean the carpets. This is clearly not stated in the lease, for some reason renting a machine and spending time doing it yourself isn't good enough. She just kept telling me I need to provide a receipt showing a professional cleaned it. She didn't even listen when I told her I did it and it doesn't even say anything about cleaning the carpets in the lease. She had no response to this. They are crooks and liars. Also, with the security deposit, I paid that when I moved into the one bedroom apartment and it transferred to the two bedroom, they refused to put it my name solely on the check since I was the one to pay it. My roommate refused to sign it so I basically have a useless check. Overall this was a waste of two years of my hard earned money! I plan on taking them to small claims for this ordeal. I always paid my rent on time every month, I never had any complaints, and I even brought them another tenant. Do not rent from M & R Ventures!! The women in the office look at you and talk to you like you are idiots and cannot even admit they are wrong. You will end up getting screwed by dumb, irresponsible, rude apartment managers!
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Lakeview Apartments

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