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Lakeview Apartments



Resident · 2000 - 2011
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Office Staff
I lived in these apartments for 12 years...yes, 12 years. I should have bought a house, or moved. It would have made more sense. When I first moved in, they were still building the apartments. At the time, they were very nice, new, awesome places to live. I loved it. Then, at some point in time, the management changed and things got bad. M&R Ventures may be in over their head. They have hired terrible staff...the people in the office are not helpful and downright rude, the maintenance staff can't fix half the problems they get called to fix (my A/C was blowing hot air and they worked on it for over two years, and kept telling me it was the filter...it wasn't the filter and never got fixed while I lived there. I asked multiple times to have them come look at structural issues with my kitchen floor and a crack in my ceiling, but those were never looked at. The staff was very rude when I moved out, refusing to do the walkthrough with me while I was still in town (I moved out of town rather quickly, so I only had about a week to do it)...then keeping the full security deposit when I left, even though I left the place very clean. There was never an attempt to improve the facilities after the original management left. There was supposed to be a pool and tennis courts, but they were never built. The landscaping became non-existent. The most I ever saw was them resurfacing the parking lot. Complaints about noisy neighbors were always ignored and often scoffed at. I definitely do not recommend this place now, though I would have when I first moved in.
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Lakeview Apartments

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