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Lakeview Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
KEEP LOOKING. I made a huge mistake living here!! The ladies who work in the office are rude, far from friendly, and have no concern with resolving issues. Our apartment (which was very clean) ended up with mice, so many that we could no longer keep food in the apartment. They refused to hire any kind of professional to come out, gave us sticky paper (which DID NOTwork) to put down and that was it. My roommate and I ended up having to contact the health department to come out to finally get them to resolve the issue!! Not to mention previous to that our air conditioning was out almost all summer. The unit kept freezing and once again instead of Hiring a professional to come out and fix the problem they would just come over, turn off our air to let the unit unfreeze and then turn it back on- it would be frozen again in 48 hours. This went on ALL summer until they finally gave up and gave us ONE window unit for our 2 bedroom apartment which in return skyrocketed our electric bill. It is the most unprofessionally ran place I have ever encountered, I'm a reasonable person and I know things break and problems occur but they are not willing to fix them. I guess to "get back" at us for having to call the health department on them they charged us nearly $400 for cleaning when we moved out- amongst bogus charges such as $30 for cleaning a dishwasher (??? Doesn't a dishwasher clean itself everytime it runs) $60 to clean a bathtub which were immaculate when we left. It's a Shane management is so horrible bc they are pretty apartments in a great location.
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Lakeview Apartments

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